Vote “Super-Hit Narendra-Devendra Formula”, PM Says In Maharashtra

Vote “Super-Hit Narendra-Devendra Formula”, PM Says In Maharashtra

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, campaigning in Maharashtra for the October 21 polls, urged voters on Wednesday to bring back the “super-hit Narendra-Devendra formula” for the sake of development. Addressing an election rally in Panvel near Mumbai, PM Modi also said the national election results showed “we are on the right track with the right speed”.

PM Modi gave a big endorsement for Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, 49, who, after achieving the rare feat of completing a full term, has become the ruling party’s number one bet in Maharashtra.

“Like you brought back Narendra once again to power in Delhi, similarly bring back Devendra back to power in Maharashtra. Dilli mein Narendra, Mumbai mein Devendra (Narendra in Delhi, Devendra in Mumbai). This Narendra-Devendra formula has been a super-hit for the last five years, it will take Maharashtra to new heights of development,” said the Prime Minister.

“When Narendra and Devendra stand together, 1+1 is not 2 but becomes 11,” he told a large, cheering audience.

“The Lok Sabha election results and the mood of Panvel clearly shows that we are on the right track with the right speed,” said the PM.

According to him, Maharashtra had been the leader in the unprecedented expansion of infrastructure in the last five years.

“The dream of a New India is for the people of India to live safely, with respect and with prosperity. We are working for the creation of this New India. Maharashtra has contributed heavily in converting India to a great nation,” the PM asserted.

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