Vaccination drive total success in Gujarat, says CM Rupani

Vaccination drive total success in Gujarat, says CM Rupani

Gujarat Chief Minister VijayRupani on Monday called the COVID-19 vaccination drive asuccess and said no serious adverse reaction case had emergedfrom anywhere in the state.

Some 12,000 people in priority groups were vaccinatedin Gujarat in January 16, the first day of a nationwideinoculation drive.

Though some vaccine beneficiaries in Rajkot complainedof adverse effects, Rupani said. ”Vaccination usually triggerssome kind of reaction in the body. However, no serious casehas emerged in Gujarat so far. There is absolutely no reasonto worry and beneficiaries are being monitored by officials.

Vaccination was a total success in Gujarat.” Earlier in the day, officials said around 50 of the100 people vaccinated in Rajkot Civil Hospital complained ofheadache and fever.

However, Dr Umed Patel, members of the AdverseMonitoring Committee for Rajkot, said. ”Some 10-12 hours aftergetting the vaccine, 50 per cent beneficiaries developed minoradverse reactions, such as fever and headache. But, no one isserious. These are normal complications and can be cured withparacetamol.” After a break, the vaccination drive will resume onTuesday in the state.

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