Uttarakhand CM Rawat’s resignation is failure of 4 years of BJP govt: Congress

Uttarakhand CM Rawat’s resignation is failure of 4 years of BJP govt: Congress

On Tuesday, Uttarakhand’s Congress unit said that the changing of highest post in the state in the BJP government just a year ahead of elections proves that BJP’s reign of 4 years so far has been a failure.

On Tuesday, Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat submitted his resignation and stepped down from his post. Congress responded on Rawat’s resignation and said that the resignation of CM means that BJP in Uttarakhand was a failure and that congress would now return to power.

Senior Congress leader and former chief minister, Harish Rawat said, “Even the BJP leadership realised that he has failed. This change shows now nothing can stop the Congress from coming to power in the state. He disrespected Mahakumbh by shortening its tenure to one month. He didn’t do much for the employment of youth in the state, for the farmers, who continue to struggle in the hill state.”

Wondering what BJP meant by changing CM at this stage, the state Congress vice president, Suryakant Dhasmana said, “These developments clearly show how BJP is in disarray in the state and all this has come to the surface now with Trivendra Singh Rawat’s removal from the post of CM. With such conflict in the party, you can well imagine their focus. People and even their own legislators were not happy with the way the government was functioning.”
Dhasmana felt that BJP was not happy with the performance of Trivendra Singh Rawat.

According to the Aam Aadmi Party unit in Uttarakhand, the BJP’s days in the state are numbered as they have failed to fulfill the promises they made to the people of the state.

AAP’s Uttarakhand unit chief SS Kaler claimed that the party would capture power in the assembly election. He said, “BJP betrayed the trust of people and in the 2022 elections and the people will give a befitting reply by electing the AAP government in the state. This change makes our way clear for making strong inroads in Uttarakhand and gives people a better model of governance.”

State BJP spokesperson, Devendra Bhasin said that the decision taken by the high command was taken after considering all aspects.

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