Union health minister said vaccination will be last nail in coffin of Covid-19

Union health minister said vaccination will be last nail in coffin of Covid-19

Vaccination will be last nail in coffin of Covid-19: Harsh Vardhan |  Hindustan Times

As a lot of misinformation about vaccination is spreading for political reasons, Union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Thursday said the vaccination will be the last nail in the coffin of Covid-19 and added that it is unfortunate that some people are doing this.

“This has developed vaccine hesitancy in a small group of people. The government does not want people who are hesitant to take vaccines to suffer any disadvantage. Everyone should get equal protection just like our doctors,” Vardhan said.

He claimed that the vaccine is completely safe and effective.

15,223 new Covid-19 cases take Indias tally to over 10.61 million |  Hindustan Times“The said adverse events or side effects surfacing are common and it can be seen after any vaccination,” Vardhan added.

“This vaccination drive is acting as a mirror of the health sector. In the past, India was successful to eradicate deadly diseases like smallpox and polio. Similarly, I believe that now we are hitting the last nail in the coffin of COVID-19,” he added.

“In the month of January, I believe that we have done some satisfactory work. All the doctors and frontline workers have worked continuously to protect their patients without any negligence,” further said the minister.

Currently, India is directing vaccines to 30 million healthcare and frontline workers.

In the second phase of the program, vaccines will be provided to 270 million people over 50 and those with compromised immunity or underlying medical conditions that make them vulnerable to Covid-19.

Coronavirus vaccine: Will PM Modi announce two COVID-19 vaccines on August  15?Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in this batch but the dates have not been decided, an official in the vaccine drive said.

India is currently using the Covishield, made by Serum Institute of India (SII) and the Bharat Biotech-manufactured Covaxin.

Dr. Vinod Paul, member (health) of Niti Aayog and who heads the government’s Covid-19 task force, said the second phase was crucial.

“Phase 2 is our real focus of effort after healthcare and frontline workers. These are people who are above 50 and all political workers would feature in this section,” said Dr. Paul.

Currently, about 10 million healthcare workers are being administered the vaccine. Other frontline workers will perhaps start getting the vaccine in about a week’s time, according to Dr. Paul.

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