Toyota Cuts November global vehicle production plan by15%

Toyota Cuts November global vehicle production plan by15%


Friday Toyota motors corp. cut its November global auto production target.

AS Compared to the previous plan, Toyota on Friday has  cutts plan of global auto production by about 15% , as a shortage of parts continues to weigh on the world’s number one automaker.

Japanese leading carmaker companies have also  planned to produce the  1 million cars  by the next month, but now only expects about 850,000 to 900,000 units, it said in a statement on Friday.

Since we still have deficiencies in some parts and cannot make up for previous production losses, we have adjusted our initial production plans for November, ”said Toyota. “This setting affects approximately 50,000 units in Japan and 50,000 to 100,000 units abroad.”

However, Toyota’s annual production target of 9 million vehicles for the 12 months ended March 31, 2022, is due to the “easing of restrictions on Covid19 in Southeast Asia.” Retained. Production cuts Smaller than expected in September and October also helped, he included.

At a press conference, the general manager of Toyota’s purchasing group said: the worst of times has passed,” We are seeing less risk, ” although supply and demand will continue to be adjusted as chip supply normalizes.

Toyota, long hailed as one of the best in the industry for its just-in-time supply chain, has had a bumpy trot in recent weeks. Electricity in China was affecting production and that more visibility could not be offered because the situation was “still changing.”
In response to a persistent shortage of some parts, we will continue our efforts to strengthen our supply chain,” said on Friday. “We will implement comprehensive anti-Covid measures at both our own plants and our suppliers and since we assume that the shortage of semiconductors will persist in the long term, we will consider the use of substitutes if possible.”

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