Toxic metals are polluting Indian rivers: CWC Samples

Toxic metals are polluting Indian rivers: CWC Samples


According to one report of recent survey conducted by Central Water Commission heavy metals were found in Indian rivers which were contaminating the water. The samples were taken from two-third water quality stations covering India’s primary rivers.More than 5 metals were present in the water which was responsible for the contamination.

These metals were exceeding safe limits set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Total 442 samples were taken and out of which 287 that is 65% were polluted by heavy metals. Samples from 101 stations had contamination by two metals, six stations saw contamination by three metals. Iron came out as the most common contaminant with 156 of the sampled sites registering levels of the metal above safe limits. None of the sites registered arsenic levels above the safe limit.Regular in-taking of these metal could lead to major diseases like Alzheimer disease,Parkinson’s disease and muscular dystrophy.

Major rivers like Ganga ,Yamuna and Godavri were sampled from multiple sites whereas other rivers were only sampled from single site. In the sample other metals like lead, nickel, chromium, cadmium and copper were found . These metals contamination was more common in non-monsoon period and iron, lead, chromium and copper exceeded safe limits in monsoon periods most of the time.

In the report, plating and surface finishing industries that discharge a variety of toxic metals into the environment,mining,milling were considered as a major reason as well as increasing population .

Research conducted in previous year by Central Water Commission. ,India’s 42 rivers have at least two toxic heavy metals beyond the permissible limit, says a research conducted .





(Source The Hindu)

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