Time restrictions for shops and businesses abolish in Delhi

Time restrictions for shops and businesses abolish in Delhi

In the wake of declining COVID-19 cases in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Twitter Saturday, 21st August, that shops and businesses can remain open beyond the time restriction of 8 pm from Monday onwards. 

“Markets of Delhi are permitted to function till 8 pm because of Covid-19. In the wake of decreasing cases, they will remove the time restriction starting Monday. Now the markets can open as per their normal time,” according to the translation of Kejriwal’s tweet posted in Hindi.

The cases have been rapidly decreasing in the national capital of India over the last few weeks, and on Saturday, Delhi recorded as low as 19 positive cases. Forty-eight individuals recovered in the last 24 hours and it dropped the positivity rate to 0.03 percent according to the Delhi government’s health department. An average of 25,000 cases daily has recorded in the city in April when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak and the positivity rate exceeded 35%.

The markets have been closed all across the nation after a lockdown was imposed on April 19 because of the spike in cases throughout the second Covid-19 wave. Later on, one weekly market in every municipal zone had permission to open with correct adherence to Covid-appropriate behavior. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority forced a full lockdown in the national capital. As cases began declining, the public authority executed a phased relaxation measure from May 31. Markets could open on all seven days of the week from June 14, but with limited working hours. 

In the last one week, authorities in the Chief Minister’s Office said, Kejriwal held a few meetings with trader groups regarding Covid-19 conventions and focused on severe compliance

Brijesh Goyal, the chairperson of Chamber of Trader and Industry, said: “We welcome the move. The weather is hot now. Many customers prefer visiting the markets in the evening and late evening hours. Also, the festive season is ahead. So, the time-related restriction was causing losses to traders, who have already been severely affected because of the pandemic. They were in favor of the restriction being removed and assured full compliance to masking, distancing, and other Covid-19 guidelines.”

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