The Indian Army is building ponds to supply troops with drinking water in…

The Indian Army is building ponds to supply troops with drinking water in…


The Indian Army is building a big number of ponds to provide clean drinking water for the troops even during the bitterly cold winters after deploying its forces close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to ward off any misadventures from China. Since April to May 2020, India has stationed more than 50,000 soldiers and a significant amount of new equipment in Eastern Ladakh to prepare for potential Chinese assault. Numerous measures have been implemented to take care of the logistical needs of the troops stationed there. To meet the water needs of the deployed personnel, the Army is building a large number of ponds. Even throughout this year’s bitterly cold winters, the troops drank fresh water from ponds in forward places such as the Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO).

In harsh winters, the water on the top freezes, yet underneath, it is still liquid. These ponds’ water was used by our troops to fulfil their needs, he claimed. One of Ladakh’s coldest as well as most forward areas, DBO experiences extremely cold temperatures in the chilly desert region. Occasionally, the temperature in these regions drops below minus 40 degrees, making it difficult to feed and provide fresh water to the troops. The Department of Transportation has put a lot of effort into making life better for the troops in advanced posts close to the Chinese border.

According to Lt Gen Harpal, the Army has so far constructed 22,000 additional housing units for the peacekeepers in eastern Ladakh that are designed to be moved around as needed in particular sectors. The sharpshooters have also constructed a significant number of housing units for tanks, artillery guns, as well as infantry military vehicles to allow the heavily armored corps to continue operating them even in extremely cold conditions.

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