Thailand, country located in the centre of mainland Southeast Asia. Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world – Twenty years ago it was considered ‘daring’ to travel to Thailand. Times have certainly changed. From the stunning plains and hills of the Golden Triangle to the wave-lapped white sand beaches of Phuket, Samui and Krabi, the kingdom radiates beauty. Thailand has so much to offer that one visit is never enough.

Friendly and food-obsessed, historic, cultured and curious, Thailand tempts visitors with a smile as golden as the country’s glittering temples and tropical beaches.
Adored around the world, Thai cuisine expresses fundamental aspects of Thai culture: it is generous, warm, refreshing and relaxed. Thai dishes rely on fresh, local ingredients – pungent lemongrass, searing chillies and plump seafood. A varied national menu is built around the four fundamental flavors: spicy, sweet, salty and sour.

With a luxuriously long coastline , The country’s coast is one giant playground, with plenty going on wherever the sand meets the sea.
You can snorkel the gentle waters off Ko Lipe, dive with whale sharks around Ko Tao, scale the sea cliffs of Krabi, kiteboard in Hua Hin, party on Ko Phi-Phi and recuperate at a health resort on Ko Samui.

The official currency is the Baht.

Thailand’s beach bars can be what makes a holiday, offering a multitude of options, from driftwood shacks playing Bob Marley where bar staff become lifelong friends to remote hippy hideouts selling psychedelic mushroom shakes and swanky places to sip cocktails and dress up for.

Thailand’s elephants nonetheless turn out for a highly-popular polo tournament each year called the King’s Cup.

April is Thailand’s hottest month. The festivities revolve around soaking one another with water, with tourists among the most enthusiastic participants.
Bangkok is a shoppers’ paradise. The city also offers innumerable local markets offering all sorts of wares.

It’s not just the sunshine, scenery and ever-smiling locals that make Thailand a feel-good destination, it’s the country’s abundance of spa and wellness retreats too.

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