Success: Chandrayaan 2 enters lunar orbit, few days to landing

Success: Chandrayaan 2 enters lunar orbit, few days to landing

India can make a historic move soon, as Chandrayaan 2 has successfully inserted into lunar orbit around the moon. This spacecraft was launched on July 22, 2019, by GSLV-Mkll-M1. It is expected to land on 7th September at 1.55am. On this success, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman Dr. K Sivan address a press conference. He said “We’ve crossed another milestone. A precise LOI put Chandrayaan-2 in the desired orbit perfectly.” 

To take the spacecraft to the lower orbit, the space agency has to perform four more maneuvers – on August 21, 28, 30 and September 1. K. Sivan also described a tensed moment, he said: “Our heart was almost stopping for 30 minutes”. If this Chandrayaan 2 landing goes successful on 7th September, then India will become the fourth country to land a rover on moon’s orbit after Russia, U.S. and China.

This kind of space mission has never taken before by ISRO. China landed near the equator of the moon, while Israel could not achieve a successful landing. Chandrayaan 2 can achieve a successful soft landing on the lunar surface on 7 September only if it crosses inclination of 90 degrees. If it doesn’t happen, then we can lose our target. On September 2, the lander Vikram will get separated from the orbiter. After this, on September 4, de-orbiting will take place to bring down a lander to an orbit of 35 X 97 km.

In the remaining three days, ISRO will monitor the function of the lander. On September 7 at around 1.40 am it will begin its powered descent.  While addressing the media, Dr. Sivan said that the lander is intelligent and only after remarking the site, the landing position will be decided. If all goes well, then it will touchdown near the south pole of the moon between the two craters at 1:55 am. After all this, the ramp would open for Pragayan Rover to come out and touch the lunar surface.

In this whole process, the Lander Vikram will have to face many hurdles. While landing, if the inclination of the slope is more than 12 degrees then it would fall down. With the use of new technology, upgraded sensor characterization, more autonomous module, ISRO will complete this mission(soft landing).

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