Startup India International Summit: ‘This is the age of digital revolution,’ says PM Modi

Startup India International Summit: ‘This is the age of digital revolution,’ says PM Modi

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed an international summit via video conferencing. He interacted with founders of start-ups from across the country by saying that they have the “capability to change the future.”

In the Startup India International Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said, “Earlier, on hearing about a start-up people used to ask ‘why don’t you do a job?’. But now people say why not create a start up instead of doing a job.”

He added to his statement by saying, ‘This is the age of digital revolution, new-age innovation’ and it is the “demand of the time that future entrepreneurs should be from Asian countries.” “Future technology should come from Asian labs.”

“India is one of the biggest start-up ecosystems in the world. More than 41,000 start-ups incl nearly 5,700 start-ups in IT sector, 3,600 in the health sector and 1,700 start-ups in agriculture are engaged in work. These start-ups are changing the demographic character of business.” he said.

Apart from the interaction in the summit, Prime Minister Modi announced “start-up India seed fund”. Under this policy, new entrepreneurs will be given one thousand crore rupees by the government. While launching the policy, Modi said, “We are launching a ₹1,000 crore Start-Up India Seed Fund to help new start-ups grow in the country. We are trying to create a start-up system which is based on the mantra ‘of the youth, by the youth, for the youth.”

He also said, “Start-ups powered India’s drive for being self-reliant amid the pandemic when major companies were thinking about survival.”

The Start-up India International Summit was named Prarambh. Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade of the Union ministry of commerce & industry, organised this summit from January 15. On Friday, the summit was inaugurated by minister of commerce and industry, Piyush Goyal. On its very first day it brought some of the world’s leading minds on one platform and had over 1,20,000 registrations. It helped the government and international organisations to express their views inorder to ignite the minds of young innovators and entrepreneurs. Saturday is the second and final day of the summit.  


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