Silk Cotton: A Tree With Medicinal Properties

Silk Cotton: A Tree With Medicinal Properties

Beautiful and vibrant flower Silk Cotton or Semal whose scientific name is Bombax Ceiba which is big red and orange flowers blooming during the spring season on a tall tree. Throughout the year, this tree looks barren but during March-April, when the flowers bloom, it looks surreal.


Other than the pretty-looking flowers, this tree and its parts hold medicinal and healing properties. Its bark, roots, flowers, everything is helpful in curing several diseases such as diarrhea, anemia, leucorrhea, bleeding piles, etc. This article is all about the different health benefits of this tree and how you can use them.


Health Benefits of Bombax Ceiba

Ayurveda says this tree for its amazing health benefits. As it is completely herbal, you should not worry about getting any side-effects from its consumption. If you are eager to know how this tree and its components fix health issues, we have listed down its best benefits here.


1.Helpful in loose motions and diarrhea

Semal is helpful in dealing with the problem of diarrhea or loose motions. It can help in the treatment of diarrhea or dysentery, for this, you have to take 50 mL by making a decoction of its soft leaves and stem. You can get relief in diarrhea by drinking this concoction 2 or 3 times a day.


  1. Beneficial in bleeding hemorrhoids

Bleeding hemorrhoids are a very painful disease, but you can use semal to get relief in this disease. This can help to give you relief in piles. For this, you mix equal quantity of soft flower, sugar candy, poppy seeds in milk and heat it. After making its thick milk, cool it and consume it, you can get benefits in piles.


  1. Beneficial in leucorrhea

In leucorrhea or white discharge, there is also soft fire. Women who have problems with white water, they can consume semolina powder with milk or water. Apart from this, if you wish, then dry the flowers and grind it and take it after mixing 3 grams of powder with 1 gram of rock salt and ghee.


  1. Helps in calculus

Silk cotton is a medicinal tree, which is also beneficial in coughs. By grinding its raw fruit, making powder or decoction, you get to benefit in stones and other urinary problems.




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