Short Film  ‘Verses Of War’ Directed By Prasad Kadam Will Explain There Is No Border Between Friendship

Short Film  ‘Verses Of War’ Directed By Prasad Kadam Will Explain There Is No Border Between Friendship

Fervency for short movies is levelling up within the movie lovers. That combust of distinctive emotions within some minutes, makes people fall for the narrative. Keeping this trend uniformly on track, another short movie ‘Verses of War’ is going to adhere to the hearts of audiences.

FNP Media is presenting this beautiful short film, starring Rohit Bose Roy, Vivek Anand Oberoi, Shivani Rai in prominent roles. It is directed by Prasad Kadam and produced by Vikaas Gutgutia and Girish Johar.

After finishing Verses of War, Rohit says the short film portrays the relationship between Pakistani Army officers and Indian POWs.

The short film, directed by Prasad Kadam, follows a far-fetched friendship between a Pakistani commander and a POW, based on their shared love of poetry. He comments, “It’s a carefully written film. In this thriller that completed up last month, Vivek Oberoi plays an Indian soldier.

When Verses of War came in the way of Rohit Roy, he was given the option of playing either a Pakistani Army official or an Indian soldier captured as a prisoner of war [PoW]. The actor selected the former, hoping to change how the army on the other side of the border is portrayed on screen. Given how Pakistani officers are portrayed in Hindi cinema, it was a difficult decision to play one. They are disliked by the audience. In Verses of War, on the other hand, he intended to overcome the audience’s dislike for the character and have them sympathise with him. He took this character to demonstrate to himself that he is a capable actor, Roy explains.

According to the makers of ‘Verses of War,’ this short movie will leave an imprint on the audience’s heart and mind. This narrative will cope with all the gushing emotions of the actors and will make them connect to the people watching it.


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