Sheikha Latifa, missing Dubai princess, urges UK police to reopen her sister’s kidnap case: Report

Sheikha Latifa, missing Dubai princess, urges UK police to reopen her sister’s kidnap case: Report

One of the daughter of Dubai’ s ruler, Sheikha Latifa has written to British police and requested  them to reopen the investigation of the kidnapping case of her older sister.  

File Photo of Sheikha Latifa.

On Thursday a BBC report claimed that missing Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is one of the daughters of the Dubai ruler, has written to the British police and asked them to reopen their investigation into the case of kidnapping involving her older sister from a street in Cambridge back in 2000.

Sheikha Latifa wrote a handwritten letter which was accessed by British broadcaster BBC dated 2018. In the letter Latifa asked the Cambridgeshire Police Department to reopen the case of her elder sister Shamsa (now 39) who was kidnapped at the age of 18 and has not been seen since then.

File Photo of princess Shamsa.

The official media office of Dubai government is yet to respond to this new development involving the royal family.

It was confirmed by the Cambridgeshire Police that they received such a letter dated February 2018 in connection with the case. They stated that it was part of an “ongoing review”.

35 year old Latifa is herself stuck in between of an international storm. She became a subject of concern after her video message filmed in a bathroom went viral. In the video obtained by BBC, she alleged that she was being held captive in a barricaded villa, according to BBC.

Last week, the United Arab Emirates claimed that Latifa was being taken care of at her home by family and medical professionals.

Father of Latifa and Shamsa, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum has refused to accept the observations by a London High Court judge. The judge accepted as ‘proved allegations’ that the Dubai King had ordered the kidnappings of his daughters.

Later on, Britain asked the UAE to show proof that Latifa was still alive.

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