Sajjad Lone’s People’s Conference Pulls Out Of Gupkar Alliance

Sajjad Lone’s People’s Conference Pulls Out Of Gupkar Alliance

Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference headed by Sajjad Gani Lone pulled out of Peoples Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) on Tuesday over the fielding of proxies in recently conducted DDC elections. However, the party said it will continue to adhere to the objectives for which the alliance was made. With J&KPC pulling out, the PAGD would now comprise of six parties including National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party.

The decision to pull out from the PAGD was conveyed by the party through its chairman Sajjad Gani Lone, who also happens to be the spokesman of the alliance, formed last year to fight for the restoration of Article 370 and Article 35A, effectively abrogated by the ruling BJP government on 5 August 2019 amid massive security and communication clampdown that even saw the snapping of landline telephony.

In his letter to PAGD’s president Farooq Abdullah, Lone has said that “there has been a breach of trust between partners which we believe is beyond remedy.”

“I am writing to you in reference to the recently held DDC elections and a spate of statements issued by leaders belonging to our party. The recurring theme of the statements was the fielding of proxy candidates by constituent parties against the officially mandated candidates of the PAGD,” Lone says in the letter, circulated by the party to media.

“We convened a meeting of our leaders yesterday and deliberated on the issue in detail. The predominant feeling in the meeting was that the PAGD sentiment at top was not emulated on the ground. It was felt that the results of a sincere alliance should have meant that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”,” the letter reads, adding, “Instead, “the whole was not greater than the sum of parts, sadly not even equal to the sum of parts, but much lesser and equal to just one part of the many parts.” If you remove the inverted commas, the sad reality that emerges is that in majority of the places the party fielding the candidate on behalf of PAGD was left to fend for itself and secured the votes that his party managed. In most places other parties were silent bystanders or worst compounded the problem by fielding proxy candidates.”

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