Saira Banu, remembering Dilip Kumar on his 99th birth anniversary, says it’s ‘unimaginable to walk without him’

Saira Banu, remembering Dilip Kumar on his 99th birth anniversary, says it’s ‘unimaginable to walk without him’

The 99th birthday of renowned actor Saira Banu’s late husband, actor Dilip Kumar, will be a day of somber reflection for the ‘lively and energetic’ man she was married to for 55 years. Dilip died on July 7 after a protracted illness. He would have turned 99 on Saturday.

Saira claims that, despite the ‘awful vacuum’ of not having him physically there, she still feels he is walking with her. “I’ll say the prayers, remember him, and try to keep the day calm.” “I’d like to go to the Juhu garden (Juhu Qabrastan) and see where he’s buried,” Saira explained.

Saira recalled Dilip, one of Hindi cinema’s biggest idols known for films like Mughal-e-Azam, Devdas, Naya Daur, and Ram Aur Shyam, having his birthdays filled with flowers and colorful bouquets from admirers in India and throughout the world.

“There were occasions when bouquets would be on all the floors, staircases, and everywhere in the house, and we would not have enough place for it.” It used to be that fantastic. He was adored by everyone. “He’s still there,” she said.

Saira characterized Dilip as a person who was full of energy, a gourmand, liked basic attire, and enjoyed sports. Though he owned several exquisite suits and shirts, the 77-year-old veteran said Dilip preferred basic white cotton garments with white sneakers for everyday use.

“He was a big fan of nice clothes.” And wonderful cuisine, and he was a fantastic cook. “Whenever he felt like it, he’d try (to cook) new things like soup and other dishes,” she explained. According to Saira, the late celebrity had a special relationship with youngsters and had his own methods to keep them entertained.

“He is a man who is full of life and energy. It’s a dreadful vacuum cleaner for all of us “She said. Saira said that she had been providing meals to the underprivileged on Dilip’s behalf for several months. It is commonly stated that time cures all wounds, but Saira claims her life has become unfathomable without her saheb, as she affectionately refers to him.

“I’m not very good. I’m working hard to become in better shape. As you might guess, it’s a challenging job. It’s a terrifying shock. “I’m genuinely curious how long it will take for me to heal, or if I will recover at all,” she remarked.

Before their marriage in 1966, Saira had appeared in several films with Dilip, including Sagina, Bairaag, and Gopi. The actor stated that the memories she has of Dilip throughout the past five decades are what keep her going.

“(I believe) he’s walking alongside me, his hands in mine.” He is very much present, that’s what I believe, and that’s how I want to live and be alive. It’s unthinkable for me to walk without him; after all, we’ve lived a life together. “We’ve been together for 55-56 years,” she continued.

“Every marriage has its ups and downs, but we had a great time together.” He has been quite helpful in my life. It’s been a blessing to have shared my life with him. I shall always remember him fondly. “He will always be alive for me,” Saira added.



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