Rishi Kapoor is back in Mumbai after staying in Delhi hospital

Rishi Kapoor is back in Mumbai after staying in Delhi hospital

Rishi Kapoor took to social media to inform his fans that he is recovering well after being diagnosed with an infection in Delhi due to pollution. He was hospitalized and has now returned to Mumbai.


The 67-year-old actor cleared all rumors of his health in his tweet. He wrote, “Dear family, friends, foes, and followers. I have been overwhelmed by all your concern about my health. Thank you. I have been filming in Delhi past 18 days and because of the pollution and my low count of neutrophils, I caught an infection whereby I had to be hospitalized.”


He also added, “I was running a slight fever and on an investigation, Drs found a patch which could have lead to pneumonia, was detected and is being cured. People seem to have assumed a lot different. I put to rest all those stories and look forward to entertaining and love you. I am now in Mumbai.”


Mr.Kapoor  recently returned from New York after undergoing treatment for cancer. The actor flew in September 2018 and returned after almost a year in 2019.


Earlier, in an interview, the actor had said, “I have had an infection which is getting treated. Nothing dramatic. Pollution got me I guess.”


On the work front, Rishi Kapoor was last seen in investigative thriller ‘The Body’, in which he played a cop role. He just announced a new film – a Hindi remake of Hollywood hit ‘The Intern’ alongside Deepika Padukone.



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