Review of Mister Mummy: A Madcap Laughter Riot

Review of Mister Mummy: A Madcap Laughter Riot


On the big screen, Riteish Deshmukh as well as Genelia D’Souza are back together for good. They are great throughout this comedy, and we have really missed seeing their relationship. You can’t help but admire the pair’s strong working relationship and shared comprehension of one another in real life and on screen.

Despite having a risky narrative, the film stays true to its strengths and does not stray from them in its storytelling. Riteish is a comedic genius, so this is just one more movie where he absolutely kills it in his part. Nothing about him warrants criticism. As always, Genelia is likeable and entertaining to watch.

She possesses something that makes others want to like her, and it works incredibly well in her favour.

It’s fascinating and engaging to watch Mahesh Manjrekar in his role as the doctor. The man simply knows how to conduct himself in a variety of situations. Once more, he impresses with his adaptability. He has an incredible reach and is arguably among the most underappreciated Indian performers.

Shaad Ali did a good job of keeping the movie engaging and incisive. The movie has stayed current and true to itself by avoiding pointless subplots and adhering to the humour developed from the primary plot’s central conflict. By resisting the desire to include anything and everything solely for the purpose of comedy, he has done exceptionally well.

Overall, Mister Mummy is a good time and something you should watch this weekend.

This peculiar comedy is zany, odd, and full of slapstick humour. Riteish and Genelia have a chemistry that has been missing from the big screen for a while, and they are both excellent in their performances. Entertainment with laughter is what we can exactly call this movie.


Rating: 3.5/5

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