‘Re-conversion to the ancestral religion will not be treated as conversion’: Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Assam

‘Re-conversion to the ancestral religion will not be treated as conversion’: Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Assam

Shivraj Singh Chouhan: Those plotting 'love jihad' will be destroyed |  India News - Times of India

On Thursday, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the government is not against love but ‘jihad’. He said that his party`s opinion was that one should not love by betraying the other.

“We aren’t against love, we’re against ‘jihad’. One should not love by betraying, deceiving, changing names or unscrupulous ways. We made Freedom to Religion Act 2021 law. The party has said a similar law will be implemented in the state,” he said.

‘Love Jihad’ is an imagination of the right-wing that states that it is a conspiracy that Muslim men seduce the Hindu Women and convince them into marriage and convert them into Islam.

The Madhya Pradesh government had earlier passed a bill to regulate inter-religion marriages in the state that provides for 10-year jail for ‘forcing’ women, minors, and people from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe to undergo religious conversion.

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“Under this legislation, re-conversion to the ancestral religion will not be treated as conversion,” it said, defining ancestral religion as the religion of the father of the person at the time of his birth.

CM Chouhan also commented on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and said, “His lying tendencies have made me question meaning of his name Rahul. I think Rahul stands for R- rejected by people, A-absent minded, H-hopeless like his party, U-useless, no use for the party or the people, L-liar.”

“The Congress had ruled Assam for so many years. What did they give to the state? Their successive governments gave only unemployment, insurgency, violence and infiltration,” he said.

“The Congress never fulfils its promises. You go to other states where Rahul Gandhi had promised to waive farm loans within 10 days of forming governments. Even after one- and-half years of coming to power, none of the Congress-ruled states have waived the agricultural loans,” he said.

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