Rani Rampal Wins ‘World Games Athlete of the Year’ Award

Rani Rampal Wins ‘World Games Athlete of the Year’ Award

Indian hockey superstar and Indian women’s team captain Rani Rampal on Thursday became the first-ever hockey player worldwide to win the prestigious ‘World Games Athlete of the Year’ award.

After 20 days of polling by sports fans world-wide The world games announced the winner on Thursday.

“With an impressive number of votes, 199,477, Rani is the clear winner of the Athlete of the Year race, where sports fans all over the world have voted for their favorite during 20 days of polling in January. All in all, over 705,610 votes were cast during the poll,” the world games said in a statement.

“I dedicate this award to the entire hockey fraternity, my team, and my country. This success has only become possible with the love and support from hockey lovers, fans, my team, coaches, Hockey India, my government, friends from Bollywood, fellow sportspersons and my countrymen who have continuously voted for me,” Rani Rampal said and the Superstar recently named among the Padma Shri awardees.

Last year, India won the FIH Series Finals, and Rani was named Player of the Tournament. Under Rani’s leadership, the Indian women’s team qualified for just the third Olympic Games in its history.

Rani who has been a member of the national team since she was 15- years old, currently has 240 caps for India.

The International Hockey Federation also congratulated Rani for the award.

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