Rahul warns PM Modi of anger over lack of jobs, says angry youth will beat him up

Rahul warns PM Modi of anger over lack of jobs, says angry youth will beat him up

The former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has warned PM Modi that if he doesn’t address the issue of unemployment, angry youth will beat him up with sticks. Addressing a rally in Delhi on Wednesday, Congress’ Rahul Gandhi warned PM Modi and said, “The PM is right now delivering speeches, but six months later, he will not be able to even leave his home.


The youth of India will beat him up with sticks and make him understand that this country will not be able to make progress until jobs are provided to them,” Rahul Gandhi said.


Accusing the Centre of failing to address concerns of the youth, Rahul Gandhi said, “The unemployment rate in India is at a 45-year high, but nothing was spoken about it in Budget or Presidential address by Narendra Modi and Nirmala Sitharaman.”


Mr.Gandhi also stated, “the youth now does not know what he has in store for the future. He has fear in his heart. Narendra Modi does not want the youth to get employment because unemployment is oxygen for his politics.”


Digging at the BJP, Rahul Gandhi said, “patriotism was to fight with the British and make India prosperous through white revolution, green revolution, information, and technology revolution. Now, the real patriotism is to provide employment to the youth and I will fulfill it.”


“The challenge before the country was how to get employment which only Congress could address”, Rahul Gandhi said.


“Youth wants employment but Narendra Modi gets the same youth beaten up and shot with bullets. Soon we will see the countrymen asking Modi step aside. “Neither Modi nor the chief minister (Arvind Kejriwal) will speak on employment,” he added.







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