Rahul Gandhi has preferred to run away rather than answer questions: Javadekar

Rahul Gandhi has preferred to run away rather than answer questions: Javadekar

Addressing the media, Gandhi in response to a question had said, “Who is he? Why should I answer him…? Is he my professor? I will answer the country.” Earlier in the day, Nadda had asked Gandhi to clarify the party’s stand on a range of issues from China to the farm laws, alleging the Congress was “misleading” the farmers.

The BJP leader said the Congress is not interested in resolving the issues pertaining to the farmers and Gandhi’s media address a day before the government and the farmers’ meet shows that the party does not want the talks to be successful.

Union minister Prakash Javadekar said Gandhi’s reluctance to answer questions shows he has no answers to give.

“A national party president is asking questions, you should reply. He has run away from giving replies,” Javadekar said addressing the media.

“He said there is a monopoly of a few families in the country. Monopoly of one family during the UPA rule was overthrown by the people. They are upset by that…there is a change, now 125 crore people rule the country. During the Congress rule it was only one family that remained in power,” Javadekar said taking a swipe at the Gandhi family.

He said the Congress must answer why Aksai Chin was given away by it and land parcels in Arunachal Pradesh.

“Wasn’t the 1984 massacre when three lakh Sikhs were burnt alive a bloodbath…? In Bhagalpur, thousands of people were killed, was that not a game of bloodshed? Was blood not shed when farmers committed suicide during the UPA regime,” the minister said.

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