Rahul Gandhi backs farmers’ ‘satyagraha against govt’, plugs freedom struggle

Rahul Gandhi backs farmers’ ‘satyagraha against govt’, plugs freedom struggle

On Friday, congress leader Rahul Gandhi showed his support to the protesting farmers and made a sharp comment against the government. He said that food-providers of the country are holding a Satyagraha against the arrogant Modi government for their rights.

Gandhi tweeted on friday, “Today, the entire country is raising its voice against the atrocities on farmers and rise in prices of petrol and diesel. You too join and become a part of this Satyagraha.” He shared a video with his tweet which said that Independent India is an outcome of years of sacrifice and valour by country’s ancestors and revered freedom fighters. This comment showed a parallel link between the current protests by thousands of farmers and India’s freedom struggle in the years leading to 1947.

The video states, “Their commitment to free, sovereign plural and egalitarian India was absolute. Now it is your chance to support those values by supporting 62,000 farmers.” It further added that the laws have been bulldozed by the ‘autocratic Modi government’.

“Farmers are upholding our freedom by ensuring food security and nutrition for our children,” the video shared by Gandhi mentions.

The Wayanad MP made his comment, just when the ninth round of talks is to be conducted on January 15. The farm leaders have made it very clear that they don’t expect much from the government. They have said that they will not settle for anything less than the rollback of the contentious farm laws.

The farmers will also carry out a march on republic day to show their disagreement over the farm laws. Rakesh Tikait, BKU spokesperson said, “Our plan for January 26 is that we will take out a procession from Red Fort to India Gate. We will hoist the flag where we meet at the Amar Jawan Jyoti. It will be a historic scene where from one side we will have ‘kisan’ and the other side ‘jawan’.”

Thousands of farmers have been protesting on the borders of the national capital since last November. They want the centre to repeal the three farm laws introduced by the government, which according to them directly strike a blow on their earnings by reducing them significantly and give leverage to corporations in the market.



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