Rahul Gandhi attacks PM over Chinese village in Arunachal

Rahul Gandhi attacks PM over Chinese village in Arunachal

On Tuesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Modi with his comments on the issue of national security. He referred to the reports of China building a village in a disputed region of Arunachal Pradesh.

After reports claimed that china has built a village in Arunachal Pradesh, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Rahul tweeted on his social media handle, “Remember his promise – ‘मैं देश झुकने नहीं दूँगा’ (Will not let the country bow),” With this comment he posted a newspaper clipping, about the alleged “Chinese village” in Arunachal Pradesh.

Not only Rahul, but also, Congress Leader Randeep Surjewala also took a jibe at Prime Minister Modi on the same matter. He asked on twitter, “Modiji where is that 56-inch chest,”

These tweets came after the reports citing satellite imagery from Planet Labs, showed that China had built a new village in Arunachal Pradesh. The village had 101 homes and was situated about 4.5 km “within Indian territory of the de facto border”. It is located on the banks of Tsari Chu river in Upper Subansiri district, an area along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). On comparing both the satellite images it was found that the village was built in the past 15 months.

The Satellite image showing the village built by China.

On Monday, The Ministry of External Affairs responded very cautiously to this matter, and said, it closely monitors and have a constant watch on all developments affecting national security and acts to safeguard territorial integrity. It further said that, the government has stepped up the construction of border infrastructure, including roads and bridges, in response to China’s “construction work along the border areas”.

Congress leader P. Chidambaram demanded answers from the government and tweeted, “Mr Tapir Gao MP, belonging to BJP, has alleged that deep into Arunachal Pradesh, in a ‘disputed area’ within Indian territory, the Chinese have built a 100-house village, a bazaar and a two-lane road in the last year.”

He further wrote in his tweet, “If this is true, it is clear that the Chinese have altered the status quo by converting a disputed area into a permanent settlement of Chinese nationals. What has the government to say about these startling facts?”

On the other hand, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Arunachal Pradesh Tapir Gao responded sharply to Congress,  and claimed that it was during their regime that China occupied Sumdorong Chu Valley in Tawang. He said that the then Army chief had planned an operation but former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi denied him permission to push back People Liberation Army’s troops.

India denies the claim of China over Arunachal Pradesh, as China counts Arunachal as a part of southern Tibet.


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