Rahul Gandhi accuses govt. of ‘stealing’ from RBI

Rahul Gandhi accuses govt. of ‘stealing’ from RBI


The Congress on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on Modi government over the transfer of cash reserves of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and accused “ the government of pushing the country into bankruptcy and stealing money” from the central bank.

While the former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister are “clueless about solving the self-created economic disaster,” former Commerce Minister Anand Sharma sought a White Paper on the state of the economy and independent analysis of the government’s economic data.

“PM and FM are clueless about how to solve their self created economic disaster. Stealing from RBI won’t work – it’s like stealing a Band-Aid from the dispensary and sticking it on a gunshot wound,” Mr. Gandhi said on Twitter with the hashtag #RBILooted.

Mr. Sharma said at a press conference that the government’s move reaffirmed what the Congress had been saying about an unprecedented economic crisis.

“In recent times, the Central Bank in Argentina had transferred its contingency fund to the government and now their economy is destroyed…This

government has pushed the country into economic emergency and bankruptcy. The RBI has no room now to intervene if there is a crisis,” he said.Former Minister Jairam Ramesh said, “Urjit Patel [former RBI Governor] & Viral Acharya [former Deputy Governor] held the fort. They were forced to leave. The fort was breached. The Govt of India now usurps a huge windfall from the RBI going contrary to what the central bank’s own think tank CAFRAL had said. Fiscal breathing space but at what and whose cost?”

Other Congress leaders and spokespersons played around with acronym RBI to target the Modi government.

Party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted, “Modi 2.0 has converted the ‘R’ in RBI from ‘Reserve’ to ‘Ravaged’! Contingency Reserve of RBI meant for extreme financial emergencies and war-like situations is being used by BJP Govt to bury its monumental mess on economic front! BJP has finished RBI’s credibility!”

In another tweet, he asked, “Is this fiscal prudence or fiscal hara-kiri?”

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Tuesday accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi that the Center was stealing from the Reserve Bank of India for a ‘self-created economic disaster’. FM said that the Congress leader tried a lot in the past to throw mud using words like “thief, thief, theft”. Let us know that former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman of being oblivious to the ‘economic tragedy’.

The Congress party should have talked to the finance ministers of its time before Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman accused the government of stealing ‘Reserve Bank’ money.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “The Prime Minister and the Finance Minister are oblivious to how to overcome the economic tragedy created by themselves.” He claimed, “Stealing from RBI is not going to work. .

Significantly, the Reserve Bank of India on Monday decided to transfer 1.76 lakh crore rupees to the Central Government under the head of dividend and surplus fund. The move has been taken after the RBI board accepted the recommendations of a committee headed by Bimal Jalan.

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