President Xi Jinping arrives in Mahabalipuram, PM Modi arrives in Tamil costumes to welcome…

President Xi Jinping arrives in Mahabalipuram, PM Modi arrives in Tamil costumes to welcome…

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Mahabalipuram on Friday for a second informal meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi arrived here in traditional Tamil costumes to welcome the President of China. He saw Jinping in Mamallapuram at Arjuna Tapasya Sthal, Panch Rath and Shore Temple and explained the importance of these places.

Earlier, Jinping was also welcomed at Chennai Airport. The meeting of Modi and Jinping will last about 6 hours. During this, there was a 40 minute one to one meeting between the Indian Prime Minister and the President of China. When Jinping arrived in Chennai, Modi tweeted in English, Tamil and Mandarin – Welcome to India, President Jinping.

Modi said that this meeting will strengthen the relations between India and China. Both leaders will meet on Friday and Saturday in Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu. It will also be involved in several cultural events in the historic city of Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) in Chennai. 5 thousand personnel have been deployed from Chennai to Mahabalipuram. 800 CCTV cameras were installed at the roads and the venue.

The airport is decorated with flowers

Special preparations were made to welcome President Jinping. The Chennai airport was traditionally decorated with banana leaves, flower garlands. 2000 school students wearing the mask of Jinping arrived in the formation of English word “Welcome”.

Prime Minister Modi arrived at the hotel with President Jinping from the airport. After dinner, at around 5 pm, President Jinping went to Mahabalipuram, 60 km away. There he saw the Shore Temple included in the World Heritage Site, the 7th-century ascetic monument of Arjuna, the Panch Rath Temple built by the Pallava dynasty. From there, the two leaders will go for dinner. On Saturday, Modi and President Jinping will have dinner after representative level talks. Jinping will return to China in the afternoon.

Prior to Jinping’s visit to India, China on Tuesday changed its stand on the Kashmir issue. On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that the issue should be resolved bilaterally. Earlier, China had talked about resolving Kashmir issue according to the resolution of the United Nations and its Security Council. After this, during the visit of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, China had said that it was watching the situation in Kashmir.

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