President Donald Trump Offer’s Help To Imran Khan

President Donald Trump Offer’s Help To Imran Khan



US President Donald Trump met Imran Khan on Tuesday in Davos, Switzerland where Trump discussed and offer help to Imran regarding Kashmir issue and said he would help if he could.

Trump said, “We’re talking about Kashmir and the relation to what’s going on with Pakistan and India. And if we can help, we certainly will be helping.” He added, “And we’ve been watching that and following it very, very closely.” Trump was careful in his wording about possible involvement in the Kashmir issue compared to the past when he had made claims like Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked for his help.

He added that India is against of any involvement of third-party in the Kashmir or other disputes between the two countries because of the 1972 Simla Agreement in which the two countries agreed to deal with their disputes bilaterally.

Donald Trump also mentioned “For us, in Pakistan, it’s a big issue. And, of course, we always hope that the US will play its part in resolving it because no other country can.”

Trump said that “trade is going to be of very, very paramount importance” in their talks. He said, “And we’re doing more trade as it turns.” For both, the focus was on Afghanistan.

He quoted “The main issue, of course, is Afghanistan because it concerns the US and Pakistan. And, fortunately, we are on the same page. Both of us are interested in peace there and an orderly transition in Afghanistan with talks with Taliban and the government.”

Trump, who met Pakistani Prime Minister Khan on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland, described him as “a very good friend”.

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