Poriborton?: Congress leader Kapil Sibal slams Centre

Poriborton?: Congress leader Kapil Sibal slams Centre

On Tuesday, Congress leader Kapil Sibbal took a swipe at the Central Government by saying that will the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) introduce a similar change that it brought after 2014 including demonetization.

Congress leader Kapil Sibbal took a jibe at the Central Government and wrote on twitter, “Modiji In a public meeting in West Bengal allegedly said: ” .. will bring ‘ ashol poriborton ‘ (real change) in Bengal…”

Sibbal further pointed out some changes brought under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration. He wrote, “notebandi (demonetisation), ‘note’ bank politics, topple governments, persecute those who oppose, sell dreams, data manipulation …etc.”

He concluded the tweet by writing, “Poriborton?”

Sibbal’s comments came after Narendra Modi addressed a rally in West Bengal on Monday. During the rally, PM Modi made sharp comments against the Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC). He said that the state will not be able to progress if syndicate rule and “tolabaji (extortion)” continue to persist.

File Photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While addressing the rally, PM Modi said, “Development in West Bengal not possible as long as cut money culture, syndicate rule and “tolabaji” (extortion) persists. BJP government should be formed not just for political ‘poribartan’ (political change), but ‘ashol poribartan’ (real change) in Bengal. Lotus will bring that ‘ashol poribartan’ that youth aims for. Our youth is living with the hope of this ‘Ashol Poriborton’ (real transformation), and thus, we need to form the BJP government in Bengal.”

Modi alleged that the ruling party does not care for the poor, needy and women of the state.

These counter comments from the party leaders come amid an intense tussle between the TMC and the BJP ahead of the Assembly polls this year, which are likely to be conducted in April or May.

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