PM Modi’s principal adviser, PK Sinha, resigns

PM Modi’s principal adviser, PK Sinha, resigns

On Monday, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi principal adviser, PK Sinha, stepped down from his position. Though no details have been released but it is being said that he resigned due to health issues.

Retired IAS officer PK Sinha was appointed as principal adviser in the Prime Minister office. On Monday, Sinha submitted his resignation and stepped down from his position. A top official informed that PK Sinha relinquished charge on March 15.

While revealing the reason of his resignation, an official said, “He’s having some issues and it was considered that it was better to be away from such a high-pressure job that he is in now. Mr Sinha has been an exemplary officer who is a top performer.”

Sinha’s resignation is the latest in a series of changes in PMO. On the condition of anonymity, another official said, “We can perhaps expect some major changes and fresh blood in the PMO.”

In a major reshuffle last year, trusted aids of PM Modi, Tarun Bajaj and AK Sharma were also moved to different departments. Last year in April, Bajaj moved out to join North block as economic affairs secretary whereas in January, senior officer AK Sharma voluntarily retired and moved to the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises. Sharma was with the Prime Minister since 2001 in Gujarat.

PK Sinha retired as Indian Administrative Service officer from 1977 batch of the Uttar Pradesh cadre. He was also the secretary in the ministry of power and shipping. After that, he served as the cabinet secretary during the first tenure of Narendra Modi government. He retired in 2019.

In August 2019, a special post was created for him at the PMO as Officer on Special Duty. However, in September 2019, Sinha was appointed as Principal Advisor to the Prime Minister. September 2019 order stated that Sinha oversaw policy issues and matters relating to all ministries, departments, agencies and bodies.

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