PM Modi Was Giving Speeches And Prople Said ” Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai’……

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to France for the G-7 conference while addressing the Indian community here in Paris, people shouted slogans of ‘Modi-Modi’ and ‘Modi hai toh mukhin hai’.  Prime Minister Modi also took note of his sentiment and explained how his government once again got a strong majority.
  Paris colored in saffron these days …
In the midst of PM Modi’s address, people started shouting slogans like ‘Modi is to be possible’.  On this, PM Narendra Modi said that this is the reason that this time the countrymen have supported our government by giving more severe instructions than before.  Then once we have been given the opportunity to serve the country.
PM Modi said that this mandate is not only for running the government, but for the creation of new India.  A new India whose rich civilization and culture makes the whole world proud.  Such a new India, whose focus is on doing business and also to ensure ease of living.
The Prime Minister said that a lot of positive changes have taken place in the last five years in India.  At their center, India’s youth power, village, poor, farmers and women power were in the center.
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