PM Modi appreciated India`s health sector especially after Covid-19

PM Modi appreciated India`s health sector especially after Covid-19

World looking up to India's health sector, especially after Covid: PM Modi  on health budgetOn Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the government and private health sectors in the country in fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “Last year was a test for the country as well as the world. We have been successful in this fight and the credit also goes to private sectors.”

“Covid-19 has taught us that we need to be prepared for future diseases too. So, it is important to strengthen all aspects of the health sector — from medical equipment to medicine, from ventilators to vaccine, from doctors to epidemiologists,” PM Modi said.

He appreciated India`s health sector and said it has set an example for the world.

How the pandemic transformed India's conventional health infra“In the coming days, the World’s dependence on India will only go up. India’s medical education, Indian doctors, nurses will soon be in high demand. We need to keep this in mind,” PM Modi said.

He further said, “We have to be prepared for this growing demand from the world. In the coming days, students from other countries will be flocking to India to study medicine and we should encourage that”.

“Government’s budget allocation is a catalytic agent. On the ground, things will change when we all work together. Our approach towards the health sector is different from that of the previous government. Our approach is holistic as it encompasses cleanliness, nutrition, wellness, the prevention of diseases and all other allied sectors. Before, the health sector was fragmented,” PM Modi said addressing a webinar.

He further added, “If the same preventive measures are taken against TB, we will be able to free India from TB by 2025 as TB too spreads from the droplets of an infected person.”

“There might be some sections which did not get the expected allocation, but this is not the last budget. So, it is time to get going and put the money to the best use as fast as possible,” PM Modi said.

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