Pakistan’s UN Envoy Maleeha Lodhi calls UK PM Boris Johnson ‘Foreign Minister’

Pakistan’s UN Envoy Maleeha Lodhi calls UK PM Boris Johnson ‘Foreign Minister’

In a major embarrassment for Pakistan, its permanent representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi on Monday called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “Foreign Minister” on Twitter. Maleeha Lodhi put out a picture of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and his British counterpart Boris Johnson on Twitter and wrote in the caption: “Prime Minister Imran Khan met British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson this morning.”

Lodhi was brutally trolled on Twitter for the embarrassing goof-up and she deleted the tweet after around an hour to escape the embarrassment. Maleeha Lodhi later posted another tweet correcting Johnson’s designation. In the second tweet, she tried to defend her goof-up by calling it a “typo”.
But Maleeha Lodhi is infamous for making blunders and goof-ups and she had done this in 2017 too when she had held up a photograph of a scarred girl at the United Nations and tried to claim that the girl in the photo was a victim of pellet guns in Kashmir. Lodhi was exposed by then Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj at the UN itself and Lodhi was trolled brutally for her mistake.

Few days ago, former Pakistani High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit was in news for retweeting a photo of porn star claiming him to be a Kashmiri man who got blind after getting injured from pellet guns. “Yousuf from Ananthnag…lost vision due from pellet…pls raise your voice,” Basit had captioned the image.

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