Pakistanis protest against Islamabad’s involvement in Mumbai terror attacks

Geneva [Switzerland],Pakistan’s minority groups including Balochs, Sindhis, Mohajirs, Pashtuns and people from Pok’s Gilgit Baltistan protested in various parts of the world including Tokyo, Geneva, and Paris against Islamabad’s involvement in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.
Mumbai had come to a standstill on this day 11 years ago when 10 Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists who came to the city via sea route from Pakistancarried out a series of coordinated shooting and bombing attacks that killed 166 people and injured over 300 in India’s financial capital.
Attacks took place at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus(CST) railway station, Cama Hospital, Nariman House business and residential complex, Leopold Cafe, Taj Hotel and Tower and the Oberoi-Trident Hotel.
“We have gathered here on the occasion of the 26/11 anniversary of Mumbai terror attack to inform the world that there is a terrorist army in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is a mother of all terrorism which perpetrate terrorism in the whole world. We assemble everywhere in the world to condemn that. It is necessary to stop that,” said Arif Aajakia, Human Rights Activist.
“Terrorism is not a solution and terrorism is the problem. Actions against those who are patrons of terrorism should be taken. They are moving freely in Pakistan and the Pakistani army helped them. The world has to ban Pakistan Army,” he added.
India has repeatedly asked Pakistan to take action against the terrorist groups which are perpetrating from its soil. As of now, the architects of Mumbai attack like Hafiz Saeed, Maulana Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi and Sufayan Zafar receive military patronage.
These terrorists also pose a grave threat to Pakistani citizens. Terrorists like the Taliban have killed tens of thousands of Pashtuns and razed their homes for refusing collaboration. Terrorists belonging to Lashkar-e-Islami have killed thousands of Baloch for promoting inter-faith harmony and secularism.
The same military-sponsored terrorists have killed more than 23,000 Shias in the last five decades after declaring them a heretic. The Mohajirs of Sindh have become victims of target killings and bomb blasts for exposing terrorist hideouts in their cities including those belonging to the Afghan Taliban.
To the dismay of many, the strength of these terrorist organisations continues to grow as the military tightens its grip on Pakistan’s institutions.
The participants of the protest pay homage to all those died during the attacks on Mumbai and express the desire to support US and Indian efforts to eradicate terrorism.

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