Nobel prize proposed for Black Lives Matter

Nobel prize proposed for Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter proposed for Nobel Peace Prize | Hindustan Times

On Saturday, the very famous movement ‘Black Lives Matter’ was a movement in which an unarmed black man was killed by the US police. The movement has been proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize, a Norwegian MP said.

Killing of George Floyd - WikipediaThe movement gained a lot of acknowledgement after George Floyd died in May, but the movement was found in the United States in 2013. Floyd could not breathe when a white policemen had knelt on his neck for eight minutes and ignored his condition.

The incident fuelled protests in the United States that sped across the world.

“This movement has become one of the strongest global movements for working with racial injustice,” Petter Eide, a socialist lawmaker who proposed BLM for the Peace Prize, told AFP.

“They have also been spread to many many countries, building up… awareness on the importance of fighting racial injustice,” he said.

The candidates for nobel prize are proposed by tens of thousands of people, including MPs and ministers from all countries, former Nobel laureates and distinguished academics.

The deadline ends on Sunday.

Many other names have been poped up for the Peace Prize, they are controversial Wikileaks founder and whistleblower Julian Assange, former US president Donald Trump, media rights group RSF and a trio of Belarusian opposition leaders led by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

The Nobel prizes will be announced at the start of October. This year the prize was won by the World Food Programme, the UN food agency.

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