Nirbhaya case: Delhi Court To Hear Nirbhaya Convict’s Plea rejected

Nirbhaya case: Delhi Court To Hear Nirbhaya Convict’s Plea rejected

On Friday afternoon, a Delhi court began its hearing on the plea filed by three of the Nirbhaya case convicts.

The plea was filed on behalf of three of the convicts to seek a stay on their execution which is scheduled for Saturday morning. Public prosecutor Irfan Ahmed is representing the Tihar Jail in the case.

Irfan Ahmed, representative of the Tihar Jail said, “Only one convict’s (Vinay Sharma) mercy plea is pending and that others can be hanged. He added that there is no illegality in it. ” Ahmed said, “There is no legal impediment in hanging the convicts. ” He added that the convicts are using chronic delaying tactics.

The court said, “Convicts resorting to strategy sullies justice. ” During the hearing, the court also observed that entertaining the convicts’ plea would discourage others.

On Thursday, the court had asked the Tihar Jail authorities to submit a status report of the four convicts. During the hearing. AP Singh, the convicts’ lawyer urged the court to adjourn the execution “sine die” as the convicts have not exhausted their legal remedies. Sine die means with no specified date for resumption.

One of the five adults accused, Ram Singh, had allegedly committed suicide in the Tihar Jail during the trial of the case.

The four convicts in the matter — Akshay Thakur, Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, and Vinay Kumar Sharma — are scheduled to be hanged on February 1.

The authorities said that they will be performing a dummy execution of the four men ahead of the actual hanging. Hangman Pawan Jallad was also brought to the Tihar Jail from Meerut ahead of the execution.

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