Nine Taliban terrorists killed in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan

Nine Taliban terrorists killed in Afghanistan’s Uruzgan

 The Afghan security forces have killed nine members of the Taliban movement and injured four others during an operation in the country’s central province of Uruzgan, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said on Saturday.
According to the ministry, as a result of the operation in the province’s Gizab district, the Afghan forces also destroyed the group’s weapons, ammunition, as well as two hideouts.
In a separate statement, the ministry said that the air and support forces of the Afghan National Security Forces on Friday targeted the Taliban terrorists who gathered in several areas of the southern province of Kandahar to attack the defense and security forces.
As a result of the operation, 10 insurgents were killed and nine others were injured, the ministry added.
The Afghan armed forces and the Taliban continue to engage in clashes across the country despite the start of peace negotiations between the government and representatives of the group in the Qatari capital of Doha back in September.


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