Mahatma Gandhi statue shifted for construction of New Parliament Building

Mahatma Gandhi statue shifted for construction of New Parliament Building

New Parliament Building : महात्मा गांधी की 16 फीट ऊंची कांस्य प्रतिमा ध्यान  मुद्रा में राम सुतार द्वारा गढ़ी गई - Hnews

On Tuesday morning, Mahatma Gandhi’s iconic statue in the parliament complex was shifted from the main gate to a space on gate number 3.

The plan of shifting the statue was during the one- month gap between the first and second part of the Budget session that will begin on January 29. This early shifting has come as a shock.

PM Modi to lay foundation stone for new Parliament Building on Dec 10 |  India News,The Indian ExpressTo make space for the ongoing construction of the new parliament building, the shifting of the statue was planned.

A senior official had earlier said “the construction site would be walled off and the statue was in the way of the boundary. The site would be sound-proofed as well, to allow Parliament to function during the 22-month construction of the new building, the official said. The eventual location of the statue in the new “legislative enclave” had been decided, the official added.

Another official earlier said, “the decision on where to relocate the statue temporarily would be taken by the Lok Sabha Speaker and that construction would only start after the statue is moved”.

Officials in the Speaker Om Birla office were surprised at the hurried shifting.

SBS Language | International support grows for Indian farmers' protestsThe space in front of the statue is preferred by opposition lawmakers for protesting against the government policies and laws.

The opposition lawmakers camped in front of the statue to protest against the farm bills during the last monsoon session.

Officials said, “the Public works Department, the government’s construction arm, carefully shifted the statue and placed it in a small lawn near the gate used exclusively by the Speaker to reach his office”.

 Officials added “the Gandhi statue is eventually planned to installed just outside the current Parliament building, where that of late former Union home minister Govind Ballabh Pant currently stands. Pant’s statue is planned to be shifted to New Delhi Pant Marg named after him’.

Gandhi’s 16-feet high bronze statue in a meditating posture, sculpted by Ram Sutar, was unveiled by then President Shanker Dayal Sharma on October 2, 1993.

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