Maharashtra exit poll results 2019: Poll of polls predicts BJP-Shiv Sena to storm back to power

Maharashtra exit poll results 2019: Poll of polls predicts BJP-Shiv Sena to storm back to power

The Maharashtra assembly election results are likely to be a one-sided affair as the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance is set to storm back to power, the poll of polls results have predicted. Most exit polls on Maharashtra assembly elections have predicted the BJP to emerge as the single-largest party, while its ally Shiv Sena is poised to be the second largest.

The poll of polls result is based on six exit polls and predicts the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance to win 213 seats in the 288-member Maharashtra assembly. The Opposition Congress-NCP alliance, meanwhile, is expected to win just 61 seats, while Others are likely to pick up 14.

The poll of polls result is based on the exit poll results of India Today-Axis My India, Republic TV, News 18, Times Now, ABP News and TV 9 Marathi.

exit poll has predicted the BJP-Shiv Sena to win 180 seats, the Congress-NCP to win 81 seats, and Others to win 27 seats in Maharashtra.

Four out of six exit polls (Times Now, News18, ABP and Republic) have projected the BJP-Shiv Sena to cross the 200-mark, with News18 predicting the saffron alliance to win as many as 243 seats, while Times Now and Republic have put the number at 230 and 222 respectively.

A key variation in the six exit polls is regarding the number of seats Others are expected to win in Maharashtra. The Others’ tally swings between 4 (News 18) to 27

Voting for the Maharashtra assembly elections was held on Monday and the Election Commission will declare the results on October 24.

If Maharashtra exit poll results hold true on October 24, when the Election Commission will declare assembly election results, the BJP and Shiv Sena will create history in Maharashtra’s politics. It will be the first time that the BJP-Shiv Sena will return to power in consecutive terms and the third time when they will be in power.

Maharashtra is the most important state to go to polls after the 2019 Lok Sabha results in which the BJP-led NDA won a historic mandate and improved its tally from 2014. The BJP-Shiv Sena won 42 of the 48 Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra with over 50 per cent vote share.

Unlike 2014 Maharashtra assembly elections, this time the BJP and Shiv Sena joined hands and decided to contest the assembly election together. Meanwhile, challenging this alliance was the Congress-NCP alliance. The Congress-NCP alliance in Maharashtra had won three successive elections in Maharashtra and the two parties remained in power for 15 years, until 2014 when they were defeated by the BJP and Shiv Sena.

In 2014 assembly elections, the BJP had emerged as the single-largest party with 122 seats (vote share 27.81 per cent) but could not reach the half-way mark of 144. The Shiv Sena on the other hand won 63 seats and had a vote share of 19.35 per cent. Soon after the results, the two joined hands and formed the government. The BJP being the bigger partner got the chief minister’s post.

In the 288-member Maharashtra assembly, the BJP and Shiv Sena’s combined strength was 185 seats with a combined vote share of 47.16 per cent.

Meanwhile, the Congress-NCP won 83 seats (Congress 42, NCP 41) with a combined vote share of 35.19 per cent.

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