LOC, IB set on high alert, terrorist movement spotted near POK and several areas

 LOC, IB set on high alert, terrorist movement spotted near POK and several areas

A high alert was issued on Friday after heavy terrorist movement was spotted along the Line of Control (LoC) and International Border (IB).

An intel report indicated that heavy terrorist movement has been seen at several places near the LoC including Machhil and Keran sector. Both sectors have been put on high alert after the development.

Terrorists have also been spotted at a launchpad site in Jura (Pakistan side) – the area is situated close to Keran sector. Sources told that six groups of Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists have been spotted at another launchpad across the border.

Three groups of terrorists have also been detected in Mohra on the other side of the LoC. The area is in close proximity to the Indian side of Bhimber Gali sector.

Another three to four groups of terrorists have been spotted at Lanjot and Dadot launchpad near LoC while an additional four to five groups of terrorists at a launchpad site in Tejian.

Sources revealed that two groups of terrorists at another launchpad are waiting to infiltrate Jammu and Kashmir through the Krishna Ghati sector on the Indian side.

The intel report further disclosed that at least 50 JeM terrorists at Salhun and Matrian in PoK. It also disclosed that 30 Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists are also present along with the JeM terrorists.

Meanwhile, almost 90 terrorists from LeT and Al-Badr are waiting to infiltrate India through the Keran sector in J&K.

According to sources, the JeM and the LeT terrorists, with the help of locals, may try to target members of the Jewish community in India around Yom Kippur (October 8-9) in order to garner international attention.

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