Kutch hit by an earthquake with a 4.1 magnitude

Kutch hit by an earthquake with a 4.1 magnitude

The Institute of Seismology Research (ISR), Gandhinagar, reported yet another earthquake in the Kutch region of Gujrat with a magnitude of 4.1. A tremor was felt at around 12:08 pm on Saturday, August 21.

There has been no damage to property, neither they have reported any casualties since the intensity of the earthquake was moderate, said the officials of the district administration. 

An official release from the ISR stated that the epicenter of the earthquake is located about 23 km East Southeast (ESE) of Dholavira, the world heritage site of the Kutch district. The depth recorded was 6.1 km according to the Gandhinagar-based institute.

A fortnight prior to this, they recorded a similar seismic activity in Kutch with a similar magnitude.

They recorded an earthquake on August 4 of 4.0 magnitude on with its epicenter located near Rapar.

Kutch district is located in a “very high-risk seismic zone”, says a report as per the Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA),

The district has been witnessing devastating series of earthquakes with their magnitudes ranging as high as 6.9 from January 2001.


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