Karnataka ups vigil as Covid cases rise in Kerala

Karnataka ups vigil as Covid cases rise in Kerala

The Karnataka government is taking pre-emptive measures to avoid imposing restrictions on the movement of people amid the pandemic. These actions come with the backdrop of increasing Covid-19 positive cases in Maharashtra and Kerala, with which the state shares border with.

Though Karnataka’s Covid-19 situation has not become worrying yet, but as the state shares border with both Maharashtra and Kerala, the situation can be made worse. Both of these states are currently witnessing a sudden resurgence in the Covid-19 cases. Hence the authorities of Karnataka are all geared up to reinstate stricter measures for tackling the pandemic, in case the situation worsens.

The authorities have made a negative RT-PCR test mandatory for anyone travelling from Maharashtra and Kerala.

A Covid-19 alert has been sounded at SJR Watermark Apartments in Bengaluru. From February 15 to 22, 10 Covid-19 cases were found in the apartment. Six contagious blocks have been declared as containment zone by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike. The apartment consisting of nine blocks has been properly sanitised. A 4 doctor health team has been deployed in the area. No covid cases have been reported from the other three blocks of the apartment, which are at a distance from the 6 blocks. The apartment is in suburb of south east Bengaluru and has a population of around 1,500.

Few days back a COVID-19 cluster was recorded at Manjushree Nursing College in Bengaluru. 40 samples were taken and these samples tested positive.

On Sunday, 317 fresh infections were recorded by Karnataka. The highest among the districts were from Bengaluru as it reported 181 cases. On Sunday, Karnataka became one of the top five contributors to India’s daily caseload with 413 new infections.

The government has already taken many actions to stop the spread of the infection. Some among the new cases detected from the Bengaluru apartment have recent travel history in Kerala.

Other than those cases, some cases were traced back to weddings and gatherings. The state will soon deploy Marshalls in marriage halls to ensure proper adherence to Covid-19 protocols. It will now be compulsory for the catering services to get tested before serving a wedding event.

Manjunath Prasad, BBMP chief have mentioned earlier that lockdown will be the only option if people fail to maintain social distancing.

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