Kangana’s Office Vandalized by BMC Post her ‘POK’ remark

Kangana’s Office Vandalized by BMC Post her ‘POK’ remark

Kangana Ranaut’s statements has triggred a politicak havoc. Post her ‘POK’ remark and verbal spat with Sanjay Raut  BMC officials raided the Mumbai office of the actress .

After this, BMC has started running bulldozers at Kangana’s office today regarding illegal construction.

A large police force was deployed at her bungalow while the vendalization was on full swing. Kangana reacted to this incident and termed it fascism.

She left Himachal Pradesh for Mumbai on Wednesday morning and on the other hand her office located in the Pali Hill area of ​​Mumbai was being demolished by the BMC.

As per various media reports- at around 10.30 am, the BMC team first posted a notice on Kangana’s bungalow. The BMC notice denied the allegations that Kangana’s lawyer had put to the civic body in response to BMC’s September 8 notice.

Kangana took to her official twitter handle to share the incident and claimed the whole incidence as ‘Death of Democracy’.

Kangana later tweeted some more pictures of inside of her office, in which BMC officers were seen vandalizing the place.

She shared the sabotage on Twitter and wrote, ‘I never go wrong and my enemies will prove it again and again. This is the reason why my Mumbai has now become PoK.’

Earlier, Kangana had said – I am on my way to the airport for Mumbai Darshan, the Maharashtra government and their goons have reached my property. It is about to fall illegally. keep on going. I have spoken of giving blood to Maharashtra pride. This is nothing. Take everything, but my spirit will rise higher.

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