Kangana Ranaut and Richa never Talked Politics while shooting for ‘Panga’

Kangana Ranaut and Richa never Talked Politics while shooting for ‘Panga’


Actress Richa Chadha who sticks to a different political ideology from her ‘Panga’ co-star Kangana Ranaut says they avoided discussing politics while shooting for the film. As both, the actresses individually have a dissimilar perspective on politics. Richa says” “We never discuss politics on a film set and it really does not matter as an individual which political ideology we subscribe to. I am not here to change anyone’s beliefs and what their politics are. Everyone has their own beliefs and I am vocal about things that I strongly believe in”

She also praised Kangana saying ” “When it comes to ‘Panga’, we were making a film. We did that peacefully, professionally and in sync with the vision of the director. And there is no doubt about the fact that Kangana is a brilliant actress.”

For Richa professionalism is highly important she explained ‘I am someone who has worked in films with different actors and when we actors work in a film, we all come together professionally to put our effort to make a film, Kangana and I came as two professionals acting in a film’.

Sharing an insight of her character in the film, Richa said: “I would say that it is an important story of two female kabbadi players and their lives. My character Meenu plays from defense position and Kangana’s character Jaya is a star offender. After having a successful journey in the game of kabaddi, Jaya settles for a family life with his husband and child. Meenu continues to play the game. When Jaya decides to get back to the game, Meenu encourages and pushes her to get into fitness, regular training and do everything to prepare her for the game. It is the journey of Jaya and how Meenu supports her.”

The film covers Sports drama and Richa says they had to train in order to get the perfect body language as kabaddi players.

She also mentioned that ““We trained under international coaches and it was tough. We got hurt at times but I enjoyed the process, because I am always eager to learn something new. I learnt kabaddi through ‘Panga’.

The film is directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari who has treated us all with movies like “Nil Battey Sannata” and “Bareilly Ki Barfi’”.

“Ashwini is a wonderful storyteller and she has her own style of filmmaking. I watched both of her films and I found ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ very unusual and interesting. Ashwini is unique in the way she writes characters in films it is very well edged-out. I wanted to work with a female director and it was refreshing says Richa.

“Panga” releases on January 24.

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