Jharkhand: Security tightened in Latehar district ahead of assembly polls

District administration in Jharkhand has tightened the security in two assembly constituencies Latehar and Manika, where the Naxal attack took place a few days ago. The elections in these two areas are scheduled to take place on November 30.
The district administration has expressed confidence that they have made all the requisite arrangements and are sure that the voting will take place in a peaceful manner in these constituencies.
“We have completed our security preparations, whether it is security or dispatch. Security forces at required places have also been deployed. We are ready to conduct the poll peacefully. Hypersensitive booths have been further divided into clusters, superclusters and zones,” said Deputy commissioner of Latehar, Zeeshan Qamar while speaking to ANI.
Notably, there are over 5 lakh voters in these two constituencies. And out of 679 polling booths, as many as 238 are where the probability of an attack is comparatively very high.
To avoid any untoward situation, a specific route map has also been designed based on police and patrolling parties’ inputs.
“Mapping has been done. Charts have been prepared, everyone has to move according to this only. No movement other than this will be allowed,” Qamar added.
Moreover, partial restriction in movement across the Latehar district has been imposed from today itself.
The district administration has also arranged heli-drop facilities to drop people on election duties to across 125 polling booths, where vehicles’ movements are not possible.
Furthermore, a total of 60 companies of Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) and 850 personnel of District Armed Force and companies of units have been had roped in for the security purpose.

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