Japan-India to join forces on 5G technology

Japan-India to join forces on 5G technology

The Japanese and Indian governments have agreed in principle to work together on measures to combat cyber attacks related to the development of 5G technology, with concern on the Japanese side centered mainly on the products of Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei.

The agreement is seen as showing the two countries’ intentions to share information on security-related risks such as the illegal access of data, and prevent the dominance of Chinese products in the vast Indian market. 

The two sides will meet in Tokyo for the third round of bilateral talks on cyber issues as early as Wednesday. This is the first time that 5G has been escalated to the main topic of discussion in these talks.

As one aspect of stronger security ties, should India’s communications network be illegally accessed, it would strengthen fears that such a breach could lead to leaks of technology and confidential information of Japanese governmental organizations and domestic companies. 

“The security of India’s 5G network is extremely important in order to progress in strengthening Japan-India relations,” a government source said.

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