Indore is the most populous city of Madhya Pradesh. The charm of this city lies in its rich cultural heritage which has been preserved over centuries and along with the hints of urbanization. It is industrial, cosmopolitan, prosperous and resembles Mumbai as far as the lifestyle is concerned. Therefore Indore is also called as Mini-Mumbai.

The city of Indore gets its name from Indreshwar Mahadev temple. It is believed that Lord Indra meditated on this land and led Swami Indrapuri to establish this temple.

The diverse culture of Indore is quite visible even in the food habits of people. Due to the good flavor, taste as well as variety of food in Indore, it is praised by food lovers all across the country. Indore is known for its popular variety of Namkeens. Spicy Chat Food like Pani puri, vadas, samosas and the very delectable chola baturas are first choice of the people.

Indore has been one of the fore-runners in the development of the country in the era of modernization. One of the educational hubs in the country, Indore has both an IIT and an IIM.

Indore is also the cleanest city of India. Indore has over the years established itself as the hub of trading and industrial practices in the state.

Some of the important tourist spots in Indore are; Rajwada, Chhatris Bagh, Chokhi Dhani, kanch Mandir, lal bag palace, Central Museum, Mahatama Gandhi hall, Nehru Park, BIjasan Mata and bada Ganpati all are set to fascinate you with the charm of its architecture.

Indore is well connected via rail, road, and air transport services. To travel locally in Indore there are both government and private transportation including I-bus, taxis, tele-auto-rickshaw, mopeds and bicycles and even Tonga which will help you to move around and explore the city. The transportation in Indore is extremely safe, wallet-friendly and comfortable.

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