India’s golden girl: PV SINDHU | Bags gold for India

India’s golden girl: PV SINDHU | Bags gold for India

In Basel took place the WORLD BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP in which India stands to be on the top because of PV Sindhu. From silver in 2017 and 2018 this it’s GOLD for India. It is the maiden gold for INDIA in the world championship. Sindhu had tried hard enough since years to reach this title. She couldn’t make it till last year but this year it was a totally different phase we were offered to watch. From being a National Champion to be a hard achieved dream she turned the title soon to be as SINDHU WORLD CHAMPION. This is all because of her rigorous hard work and passion to grab the best for her country. She has not only earned a medal for herself but more for her mother.

Here’s what she has to say, “I dedicate this award to my mom, it’s her birthday today.” She stands out to be the first Indian to win the World Badminton Championship. Also the only women shuttle cock player who has bagged medals in all three hues.

She defeated JAPAN’S NOZOMI OKUHARA in back to back two matches in just 38 MINUTES! This trail of 38 minutes was not less interesting than an adventurous journey. She gave her a tough fight with 21-7, 21-7 in two consecutive matches! It was not a cup of tea for her to get the title. Even her opponent Nozomi tried her all traits to keep Sindhu near the net and earn point from her misses. But, this couldn’t happen! As Sindhu left her amazed as well as puzzled with energetic and hard hits making it difficult to decode her strategy on the court. Moreover, Sindhu showcased the hunger to earn the title that she had lost since last two WC!  Though the initialization of the game highlighted the hues of Okuhara on the winning phase but, Sindhu soon turned the table towards her and got the game in her reign!

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