India’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic Is Finally Here

India’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic Is Finally Here

And it’s high time we got one. Medical marijuana that can be bought with a prescription has blown up in several places around the world, India still lacks the legal backing to open a weed dispensary, even for purely medicinal purposes. However, a new clinic set to open in Bengaluru to launch India’s first medical cannabis clinic in 2020.


Cannabis has several mentions in Ayurveda. India is the birthplace of cannabis and now is the right time to make healthcare professionals realize its immense value. The medicines you can buy here claim to help with infection, rash, and even your fading life.


A major factor in regulating cannabis medicines is that ancient Indian Ayurvedic practices actively used cannabis as a cure for pretty much everything. Since cannabis is already included in Ayurveda, it earned India’s Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy. Hence, cannabis had received an Indian license to distribute these medicines on a prescription basis, which can be given by any Ayurvedic doctor or through an online consultation.


Cannabis medicine can be used for everything from lifestyle diseases like stress, back pain and fever to chronic ones like anorexia and even mental health issues like anxiety and depression. But, the amount is given to patients and start off with the most minimal dosage to see how they respond and move forward based on the feedback.


Herbal remedies backed by traditional principles of modern scientific product development are not addictive and have no side-effects. While the company has come up with these cannabis products after five years of deep research in the field, the center also has an experimental lab in Bhubaneswar where the effects of these cannabis medicines will be tested and studied, so as to widen the scope of distribution, and take it from Ayurvedic to Medical care.




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