Indian Expatriates, Stranded in UAE Due to Covid-19,

Indian Expatriates, Stranded in UAE Due to Covid-19,

The UAE Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KMCC) sheltered around 350 Indians in Ajman, while a workers’ accommodation in Dubai Investment Park, managed by the Indian Cultural Foundation, housed around 250 Indians , the newspaper said.

Last week, the airports were reopened and most of the Indian expatriates — mostly blue-collar workers — started flying back to their residences in the two Gulf countries.

Around 600 Indians residing in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were forced to take shelter in two community groups in the UAE after the airport closures were announced late last year, the Gulf News reported.

Due to high fares, the community groups also arranged road transportation to Saudi Arabia for many of the Indians.

“So far, 54 people have been taken to Riyadh by bus free of charge and again today 29 more are leaving. The last bus will leave on the night of January 12,” Puthur Rahman, president of UAE KMCC National Committee, told the Gulf News.

Source – PTI

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