India test fires Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile System

Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile System (QRSAM) developed by DRDO has been successfully flight tested on Monday from Integrated Test Range in Odisha’s Chandipur.

The missile was flight tested with full configuration in deployment mode intercepting the target in mid-air and meeting mission objectives. The entire event was monitored by Ground Telemetry Systems, Range Radar Systems, Electro Optical Tracking System, etc.

QRSAM weapon system, which operates on the move, comprises of fully automated Command and Control System, Active Array Battery Surveillance Radar, Active Array Battery Multifunction Radar and Launcher. Both radars are four walled having 360 degree coverage with search on move and track on move capability. The system is compact with minimum number of vehicles for a firing unit. Single stage solid propelled missile has mid course inertial navigation system with two-way data link and terminal active seeker developed by DRDO.

The missile successfully engaged the aerial target establishing its capability. Director General (MSS) Sri MSR Prasad was present during the trial.

With this mission, the developmental trials of the weapon system are successfully completed and the weapon system is expected to be ready for induction by 2021.

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